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Review for Sunny Isles Miami & Bal Harbour real estate
Beach Homes in Miami, Review of South Beach Real Estate as well as search for Miami Condos.

Global Realty Partners is proud to offer the widest selection of beach homes in Miami and South Beach real estate for sale on the internet. Our homes, villas, apartments, rentals and condos are among the most luxurious properties in Southeast Florida. We have years of experience matching discerning real estate connoisseurs with great Miami beach real estate, and are happy to help you find the perfect beach house in Golden Beach Miami or beach home in Hillsboro Mile, Palm Beach county with ocean and Intercostal view!

Fort Lauderdale real estate, Houses in Boca Raton, Villas in South Beach and More!

Global Realty Partners has a great list of luxurious properties in Southeast Florida! Among our most-popular listings are our beautiful condos and homes in Fort Lauderdale. We have a great selection of Fort Lauderdale apartments overlooking the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and even have a number of luxurious houses in Fort Lauderdale for sale that are convenient to world-class shopping and restaurants.

A little further north, we have a great number of properties in Boca Raton. Click here to see our luxurious houses in Boca Raton, perfect for winter getaways or retirees looking to take advantage of the great Florida weather. We also have a great selection of Boca Raton apartments for rent, condos for sale in Boca Raton and other great properties. We also have many excellent options for South Beach real estate. Check out our extraordinary villas in South Beach as well as our many South Beach apartments for rent, general Miami apartments and Miami Beach apartments. We lived in environment when latest technologies allows us constantly follow up with dynamics of prices. Ten or fifteen years ago we could not even imagine that instead of calling to the movie theater we just can search internet, check for available movies and at the end order pizza or movie on line. Now we can do all the above with real estate and instead of walking and seeing a hundred of apartments or houses before choosing one we can surf the internet first. We are providing you all the tools to make you the right decisions and hope that at the end of the journey you would allow us to show that we have enough expertise and knowledge in the field as well to make you the right decision!

Our Search engine is connected to MLS (Multiple Listing Services) the same tool which used all brokers in Miami area for search. Let us first find the right property for you on line and then see it with you in real life.Enjoy your journey!

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Updates for Miami’s Real Estate

Luxury real estate in Miami is still booming. Developers in new project like Regalie Sunny Isles Beach, Chateau Beach, and Chateau Ocean continue to raise prices due to the high demand for luxury real estate in Miami.

Overview of the Market.

Discussion of last changes in real estate market in Boca Raton. New development of new homes in Boca Raton.

What to Look for in New Homes,What to Expect.

When looking for new homes as a next place to live, you will need to certify that you know what you are looking for and getting. In many cases, these houses are what many would say are “ready to move into”. In theory, you get to have a place you can call home as soon as all of the financing and paperwork is done.